• 16February
    Since February 19 the Lent begins. The Limonchino restaurant developed an original lenten menu in which each dish – useful and very tasty. Interesting combinations of vegetables, fruit, mushrooms and grain will provide an organism with necessary energy and will present a bright palette of tastes. Details
    As snack carpaccio from an artichoke (999 rub) and traditional Italian a whim – with tofu cheese and pink tomatoes (579 rub) is offered. Tofu is very rich with white, and its taste allows to open "new notes" in taste of tomatoes habitual to us. Perfectly bruschetta with vegetable kaponaty and Chile (399 rub) – moderately juicy, moderately spicy will approach to start a lunch or a dinner. The real power source and vitamins it is possible to call salad from a kino, avocado and chick-pea (519 rub). The Kinoa – the champion among cereals on protein content, and the unusual taste of this grain (especially in combination with avocado) is worthy attention of true gourmets. If there is a wish for something juicier, taste fast baked vegetables salad with smoked cheese of tofu (549 rub). After salads it is possible to pass smoothly to soups – "Nine beans" (469 rub) or white beans soup with an artichoke (449 rub). Traditional Italian paste is offered with vegetables (paste of orecchiette, 589 rub) and with the putanesk sauce (paste of a fregol, 669 rub). Risotto with green peas and a young asparagus (639 rub) in which it is possible to call a combination of peas and an asparagus "present spring" this that flavoring and color combination for which so there is a wish in anticipation of spring! The special place in the menu is held by fried rice with vegetables and sesame sauce (599 rub) – it can be ordered as an independent dish or as a garnish for schnitzel (599 rub) or nuggets (399 rub) of tofu cheese or vegetable cutlet with truffle oil (499 rub). To snack also heat Special fast dishes were developed in Limonchino and for admirers of pizza. They surely will like broccoli pizza, an asparagus, Kenyan haricot and tofu cheese (799 rub) and fragrant forest mushrooms and spinach pizza (799 rub). To snack and hot dishes recommend to order nonalcoholic NATUREO TORRES wine – white or pink (1999 rub). And dessert! Perhaps, in this section to make a choice it will be very difficult. Chocolate cherry pie (399 rub) and an apple strudel (399 rub) perfectly will approach coffee. Coffee is offered on soy milk – latte and a cappuccino (259 rub). And to tea it is better to order cookies with nuts and prunes jam (449 rub) or the classical baked apple with nuts and dried fruits (399 rub).
  • 06February
    On Pancake Week of all wait at Limonchino restaurant. For guests cooked the special menu in which the major role is played, of course, by pancakes! Bake them from wheat and rye flour, serve with sweet and juicy stuffings, serve in the best European traditions. Details
    Pancakes original tomato, "into Italian of manners", with cheese burrata and salsa from tomatoes (759 rub). A bright dish which will instantly lighten the mood and will remind of solar Italy. Fans of fish and seafood for certain will appreciate wheat pancakes with a light-salted salmon, red caviar and egg plows (799 rub) and wheat pancakes with the Kamchatka crab and the most delicate creamy and shrimp sauce биск (799 rub). And for those who prefer meat made rye pancakes with talyaty of marbled beef and forest mushrooms sauce (919 rub). And surely dessert! Pancakes are ideally combined with any sweets and excellently supplement tea and coffee. Limonchino offers pancakes with poppy and condensed milk (289 rub and pancakes with chocolate Nutella and vanilla ice cream (349 rub). Pancakes with caramel and orange sauce and fresh berries (569 rub) and pancakes with fresh berries, butter cream and raspberry sauce (709 rub) will help to feel taste of long-awaited summer. Do you want to regale on pancakes with different stuffings? Such opportunity is! Order separately pancakes – rye, wheat or tomato (149 rub for 3 pieces) – and separately red caviar, a light-salted salmon, home-made jam, honey and Nutella.
  • 07November
    New dishes in the menu harmoniously combine the Italian gastronomic traditions and fashionable trends. To guests suggest to look in a new way at habitual dishes, to experiment a little with a combination of ingredients and … to derive pleasure! And, both gastronomic, and esthetic — giving of each dish is worthy his taste. Details
    As new snack offer allsorts of bruschettas (1299 rubles) with various Italian toppings (jerked beef of a brezaoll, Parma and cheese "blyu chiz", cream cheese burrata, marinated artichokes, a tuna and sauce to a guakomola, etc.). Fans of seafood should taste carpaccio from an octopus with cherry potatoes, haricot, arugula, olives of a tadzhaska and baked pepper sauce (799 rubles). That who loves snack "more thoroughly" will suit Antipasti-italiano — Parma ham, a brezaolla, pikilyo peppers, royal olives and a mix of refined cheeses (1299 rubles). In the section of soups two novelties: tomato cream cheese soup burrata (389 rubles) and rich mushroom broth in which champignons, oyster mushrooms and cepes, and potatoes of cherry and булгур are combined (599 rubles). What Italian restaurant without pizza and paste! And in these sections interesting novelties have appeared. Focaccia with cream cheese burrata, fresh tomatoes and a basil (1149 rubles) will perfectly add first courses, but can act and as independent hot appetizer. Con Bottarga pizza (699 rubles) — for those who love courageous decisions and not against to taste a combination of caviar of a bottarg, squids and marinated artichokes. 5 cheeses pizza (899 rubles) will be pleasant to admirers of classics: in her mozzarella, gorgonzola, креметто, parmesan and Camembert supplement each other. And spaghetti with a lobster, cherry tomatoes and the Tabasco sauce (1999 rubles), spaghetti with caviar of a bottarg, squids, Kenyan haricot and chili pepper (749 rubles) is what during an instant will dispel autumn melancholy!

other news

  • Details
  • On March 12 in FORNETTO on Timur Frunze the two-week gastronomic Moscow Restaurant Week festival starts! Manage to try special dishes with grain! The Moscow Restaurant Week festival will last till March 25.
    This year the festival is devoted to grain, and the FORNETTO brand chief Andrey Ivanov represents five original dishes "with grain at the head". Each dish of the festival menu are unexpected interesting combinations and the real gastronomic opening! Salad from a kino, a cucumber, cashew nutlets, egg plows also meat sauce (369 rub) not only will surprise you with unusual taste, but also will present a charge of cheerfulness and energy. The baked vegetables soup on coconut water with the Italian emmer wheat and seafood (489 rub) for certain will be pleasant to fans of both Asian, and Mediterranean kitchen. As a hot dish try rye talyolin in saffron-yellow sauce with beef (619 rub) or a saute with seafood (509 rub). Also don't refuse to yourself a cup of tea or coffee, by all means with corn and pistachio cake with lemon cream (429 rub) – it will put the final end to a lunch, without burdening you with excess calories. Close
  • From March 12 to March 25 within Moscow Restaurant Week in 800C Contemporary Steak it is possible to try the most various grain dishes, but with the "meat" nature of restaurant.
    The special menu of the Moscow restaurant week this time devoted to grain included five dishes from the chef of restaurant Sergey Balashov. For tasting are surely recommended Talyatta (top blade) with champignons and corn (1550 rubles) and specialty Burger with falafel, to the tabula and mint and yogurt sauce (400 rubles). The last as two weeks of the Festival fall on the Lent, is available to the order with fast roll. As light and vegetarian meal order Hummus with avocado (290 rubles). The dish is served with a multicereal baguette which is baked every morning in the two-storeyed mansion of restaurant on Patrikakh. Those who observes a post will also like the Baked eggplant from a kino and dried tomatoes (420 rubles). This position can quite become a full-fledged hot dish, and not just snack. Soups in the special menu it is presented by dense and saturated lentil Soup with beef edges (400 rubles). Close
  • On March 12 in il FORNO on Ostozhenka the gastronomic Moscow Restaurant Week festival started. Within two weeks we will offer guests the special menu in which grain became the main ingredient this time. Manage to try 5 dishes of a festival till March 25.
    It is presented in the festival menu: The Kamchatka crab from a kino and avocado (1699 rub) Salad with фарро, and egg plows tatak from a tuna (999 rub) Mushroom broth with champignons, cepes, oyster mushrooms, potatoes of cherry and bulgur (509 rub) Trout with couscous and cherry sauce (999 rub) Pudding from tapioca with an almond krambl and an espuma treat (499 rub) Close
  • On March 12 in Burger&Pizzetta on Big Nikitskaya the gastronomic Moscow Restaurant Week festival started. Within two weeks we will offer guests the special menu in which grain became the main ingredient this time. Manage to try 5 dishes of a festival till March 25.
    It is presented in the festival menu: The baked vegetables from a kino in Asian sauce (300 rub) Salad from a kino, fresh spinach and tomatoes (315 rub) Beet hummus with sweet potato (230 rub) Hummus with the baked paprika (245 rub) Burger with falafel on vegetarian roll (280 rub) Close
  • From February 19 to April 7 in the new Il Forno Group project of 800 °C Contemporary Steak the various Lenten menu where more than 25 positions have entered will work. The chef Sergey Balashov has included in the fast offer the most popular veganskiye of a dish and specially developed novelties in which I have placed emphasis on unusual combinations of products to berries.
    From the snack which are already fallen in love to guests of restaurant we recommend to order Crumpled tomatoes (290 rubles) or Hummus with avocado (320 rubles). To them will serve fast multicereal bread which is baked every morning directly at restaurant on Patrikakh to 800 °C of Contemporary Steak. Also try novelties - Allsorts from tomatoes with spinach and blueberry (550 rubles) and young spinach apple, cranberry Salad and a pecan nut (390 rubles). To the minestrena Soup, cold Tomato zucchini soup (320 rubles) and fragrant Mushroom oyster mushrooms and brushwood potatoes cream soup (460 rubles) are presented in the section of soups with tofu (320 rubles). On hot Sergey Balashov offers vegansky options of burgers where traditional roll бриошь was replaced with a fast air analog: Burger with falafel, to the tabula and mint and yogurt sauce (450 rubles) and Burger with a stake from tofu in a poppy and cranberry breading and ginger sauce (450 rubles). The trofya can also order the Italian Paste with tomatoes (740 rubles), Asian Buckwheat noodles with vegetables (480 rubles) or the French Potato patties with broccoli in sour cream and cranberry sauce (480 rubles). It is natural that for sauces and dressings only vegetable ingredients and soy dairy products are used. For a dessert in 800C Contemporary Steak it is possible to order fruit and berry desserts with sorbet. For example, Carrot sorbet (190 rubles) and Lichi with mango sorbet (340 rubles). Sweet teeth will also estimate Date cake (320 rubles) and the Spicy pear with vanilla sauce (340 rubles). Close

Italian restaurant

Limoncino - restaurant of authentic Italian cuisine!

Limoncino is famous for Italian cuisine, traditional dishes are cooked according to the home recipes without any over-complication, that is why they are so tasty and nourishing. More than twenty kinds of pizza are cooked in the wooden stove, using birch logs. According to the creative idea of the Limoncino founders, visitors may see the work of the cooks, who make pizza at the opened buffet directly in front of the visitors.

Home pasta is especially delicious, besides we recommend to taste grilled meat and fish. Desserts in Limoncino are self-made as in any other respected Italian restaurant. It is a must to enjoy traditional Italian drink Limoncino, which is served cooled.

Limoncino is a family restaurant, and we are sure that the children and their parents will highly estimate pizza acrobatics show and school of young pizzaiolo. Our cooks will help you to acquire the skills of pizza-making. And then small authors will enjoy self-made pizza together with the parents.

Limoncino has cozy interior, pleasant atmosphere, delicious cuisine, which is ideal for cheerful communication at the lunch or dinner, besides our restaurant is perfect for different celebrations.

• 20% discount for the menu on weekdays since 11.00 a.m. till 17.00 p.m.

• Cozy summer terrace with sofas (in warm seasons)

• Banqueting hall - up to 100 persons

• Fresh newspapers on weekdays

• Wi-Fi area


Open your own Limoncino restaurant!

If you want to open a restaurant of the same name, we invite you to collaborate! We will provide you: right to use our brand and working experience, concept of the restaurant, designer’s interior solution, gastronomic peculiarities of the cuisine, well-established reputation and status.

Limoncino Italian restaurant - is our most “grown-up” project, which exists for more than 7 years.

Among the other characteristic features of our restaurants, we should emphasize a wooden stove, which is located directly in the hall, and our visitor may see how pizzas and other dishes, cooked in the stove, are being prepared. Besides Limoncino offer home pasta, grilled fish and meat, delicious desserts.

Limoncino restaurant is meant for socially-active people with welfare above the average, who value their time and got used to the tasty meal. For our visitors we provide daytime discounts for business lunches, seasonal offers and we regularly renew our menu. Limoncino restaurant position itself as a family restaurant with high quality Italian cuisine. Besides in our restaurants you may enjoy pizza acrobatics show, and your children will be taught how to make pizza in the school of young pizzaiolo.

In warm season Limoncino offer you summer terrace with sofas, cosy cushions and yellow baldachins at the windows.

Limoncino restaurant has many regular visitors, whose love was gained due to the wonderful Italian cuisine at democratic prices, cozy atmosphere and high quality servicing, besides we are highly evaluated by restaurant critics and specific mass media.

Concerning the collaboration, please, contact us at, to the attention of Sergey Serenkov, General manager of Limoncino restaurant.


Profsoyuznaya 33

Telephone: 8 (499) 128 29 21


Working hours: 

11.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.