• 24October
    The new seasonal menu at Limonchino restaurant offers dishes for every taste. Here each guest will find for himself something interesting! Details
    Try, for example, a green salad with talyatty of beef and sauce gorgonzola (959 rub). In this dish the thinnest slices of beef are perfectly complemented with the crackling leaves of fresh salad and gentle creamy sauce. Tartare sauce from venison with cowberry and chips from ciabatta (959 rub) is offered to fans of a game – pleasant sourness does taste of venison moderately juicy, and cowberry is just a well of vitamins and minerals. Choosing first course, pay attention to dense and rich vegetable soup with white beans and stewed beef (409 rub) – it will perfectly warm even in the cloudy afternoon. In the company to him it is possible to order always relevant paste of a rigatona which "performs" in very unexpected company this fall – with ragout from bull tails and cheese ricotta (809 rub). It is possible to describe flavoring shades of this dish long, but it is better to try it after all! The interesting alternative – beef fillet with a potato graten and sauce a sherry (1799 rub) is offered to admirers of stakes. If there is a wish for something easy, give preference to the Sakhalin combs with spinach and caviar sauce (1399 rub) and risotto with shrimp Biysk and a feeler of an octopus (1699 rub). One more bright novelty of fall from Limonchino - pizza with a duck breast, cepes and cheese Philadelphia (859 rub). According to your desire pizza will be made also on the company rye test (959 rub). Finishing a lunch or a dinner a traditional cup of tea or coffee, don't forget about a dessert. Especially as in the autumn menu desserts especially refined and easy. This air crimson souffle (359 rub) and gentle pumpkin vanilla ice cream pie (359 rub) – moderately sweet, with a test minimum. Fine final point!
  • 18July
    The most surprising summer mushrooms – chanterelles – surely play a major role in the new seasonal menu of Limonchino restaurant. They are perfectly combined both with meat, and with vegetables, perfectly supplement dishes of the European and Italian cuisine. Details
    Roast beef and chanterelles salad (999 rub) or carpaccio from beef with chanterelles and summer truffle (1099 rub) will become the excellent beginning of a lunch or dinner on a summer verandah of Limonchino. Further it is possible to start the most delicate chanterelles cream soup (599 rub). As traditional dishes we recommend classical combinations of chanterelles to onions (719 rub) or potatoes (499 rub). Admirers of Italian cuisine surely will like unusual pepper pizza пиментос and chanterelles (769 rub) and pappardelle with chanterelles (729 rub). And if you want something more refined, try a lasagna with chanterelles and summer truffle (949 rub) or cutting with chanterelles and black truffle (2299 rub). In conclusion of a summer lunch or a dinner indulge yourself with a coffee cup with a truffle dessert (499 rub) which literally melts in the mouth.
  • 11June
    We watch football in Limonchino! We look, we are ill, perfectly we spend time in the company of friends! In Limonchino – broadcast of all matches of World Cup 2018 on plasma screens. Details
    It is possible to settle down in the main hall or on a cozy summer verandah where it is always quiet and peaceful. Let will win a football game the strongest, and in Limonchino all win!

other news

  • Now at all restaurants Burger&Pizzetta breakfasts give throughout the day.
    No matter, in how many you will begin day, it is important that for breakfast all of you will equally get on well at Burger&Pizzetta. Daily from 10:00 at restaurants of network in "European" and in Vegas Crocus City and also from 11:00 on B. Nikitskaya – cook fried eggs from two eggs (220 rub), rice porridge on coconut milk with marinated plum, orange and cherry jam (350 rub), porridge with peaches and almond petals (350 rub). To a cup of coffee offer newly-baked specialty roll бриошь with Nutella, butter and jam (250 rub). Recently in the section of breakfasts three novelties have appeared. Two of them – an eggs dish: скрэмбл on the Borodino toast with a cauliflower and truffle oil (350 rub) and Bénédicte's eggs with a marinated salmon (520 rub) or with bacon (390 rub). And the third – cheesecakes which can be ordered both with sour cream, and with berry jam (on 380 rub). The order of breakfasts is also available through a mobile application of delivery il FORNO Group. Close
  • The fall has inspired il FORNO on changes. First, restaurants have changed execution of the main menu: the list of dishes is submitted on one big leaf with convenient breakdown according to sections now. Secondly, a brand chief of network Alexey Besedin has started a special offer from 18 autumn and winter novelties.
    Recommend to begin with tartare sauce from a salmon with red caviar and yogurt sauce (999 rub), and to continue by rich broth with forest mushrooms and fillet of a duck (409 rub) or pumpkin shrimps and fragrant pumpkin oil soup (399 rub). It is possible to find risotto in the section of hot dishes of the seasonal menu with shrimp Biysk and a feeler of an octopus (1699 rub) which is ideal in the company of silent dry white wine, a kalba edge with puree with parmesan and caramel sauce (999 rub), the Sakhalin combs with spinach and caviar sauce (1399 rub). And of course, surely it is worth tasting pizza with a duck breast, cepes and cheese (859 rub). New desserts in il FORNO: the chocolate sphere with whisky sauce (389 rub), a gentle crimson souffle (359 rub) and pumpkin vanilla ice cream pie (359 rub). Close
  • Fig with cheeses, burger with a stake, a seabass in salt, paste about a clam, osso buco and a chocolate dessert – for the Moscow fall the chef of big meat restaurant il Forno Group of 800 °C of Contemporary Steak Sergey Balashov thought up interesting gastronomic maintenance.
    In 800 °C of Contemporary Steak on Patriarchal ponds in the menu new dishes appeared. Now in the menu of restaurant snack with a fig and cheeses appear. With fresh fig the chief gives a strachatella (790 rub) and also cabbage кейл, the fast beef salted in the dry way – a brezaola and goat cheese (790 rub). From a fig cook dense fragrant sauce which supplements the baked Camembert (790 rub). As the starter before main courses order French snack with Pan-Asiatic accent - paste from a chicken liver from a chatna from plum and pecan (790 rub). Those who prefer meat in 800 °C of Contemporary Steak are waited by novelties: burger with slices of a beef stake and juicy sharp gas station (1100 rub) and also paste to a kazarechcha with chopped beef, raspberry and a basil (1090 rub). The special gastronomic attention is deserved by rack of lamb on a grill (1890 rub) and osso buco – stewed veal shank – with puree (1990 rub). That who loves fish and seafood in 800 °C of Contemporary Steak we recommend to taste linguini with a clam and sauce биск (890 rub) and a seabass in salt (330 rub of/100 g). During giving fish cover with salt, set fire and only then fillets undress. Two novelties appeared also in the section of desserts: easier for caramel cream with passion fruit (350 rub) and saturated, with dense texture, chocolate mousse (350 rub). Close
  • The capital did not see such prices yet: Burger&Pizzetta restaurants give cocktail best-seller for only 200 rub. In Burger&Pizzetta real sensation. Restaurants of network decided to prolong a season of "king" of summer parties and the most popular cocktail in Moscow and announce unprecedented reduction of prices on Aperol Spritts.
    Now on Mondays, since 17:00, at the order of any dish from the menu in all Burger&Pizzetta the refreshing bright orange mix costs only 200 rub! By the way, in the card of restaurants there is a lot of also other classical cocktails at the good prices so look narrowly. Specify terms of holding an action at Burger&Pizzetta restaurants. Close
  • Pizzetta with a fig, the Mexican haricot soup, a salmon of teriyaki on a grill, "Honey pie" – at Burger&Pizzetta restaurants appeared new dishes of the different countries of the world.
    Following traditions of smart comfort food in network of Burger&Pizzetta restaurants diversified the menu with seasonal dishes. There were two new pizzetta: one – with a fig, creamy sauce, gorgonzola and pecan (420 rub), another – with a salmon and cream cheese (490 rub). Now it is possible to find egg in the section of snack plows on the Borodino toast with the guakamol and tomatoes (320 rub) and also a mix for gourmets: fig, strachatella and Parma (550 rub). Added spicy Mexican haricot soup and Parma (350 rub) to the list of first courses, and on hot offer 4 novelties at once. Two of them – from beef: cutting with vegetable stew and Asian sauce (980 rub) and stewed meat with potatoes and puree from a celery root (520 rub). Two other dishes – sea subject: a squid on a grill with broccoli and shaving of a tuna (520 rub) and a salmon of teriyaki on a grill with salad from a bulgur and vegetables (690 rub). For a dessert it is worth tasting the magnificent and well soaked "Honey pie" (250 rub). Close
  • The working capacity, cheerfulness, positive spirit and good mood is breakfasts of FORNETTO. The tasty and healthy food which is beautifully served and quickly served loads with energy for all day.
    Complex breakfasts are presented in the FORNETTO menu. The breakfast with fried eggs from three eggs, ham, tomatoes and onions (399 rub) will provide an organism with protein, but at the same time won't overload with excess calories. A breakfast with porridge with jam and berries (319 rub) and a breakfast with gentle cheesecakes with raisin (399 rub) it will be pleasant to fans of dietary kitchen. Coffee and juice is a part of all complex breakfasts. Also separate dishes are offered (from 69 rub): porridges, toasts, cottage cheese, eggs dishes, cheesecakes, pancakes, fruit salad, hash browns. If you want to try something unusual, order avocado, baked with a salmon and egg (399 rub), or Ex-Benedict with a salmon and the Dutch sauce (459 rub) and also the English breakfast (489 rub) which sausages, tomatoes, champignons, haricot, fried eggs, toasts – for those who want to be supported thoroughly enter. The Belgian wafers with chocolate or vanilla sauce (289 rub) perfectly will approach coffee. Breakfasts move on weekdays in City FORNETTO from 8 in the morning, in FORNETTO the Metropolis from 10 in the morning! Close

Italian restaurant

Limoncino - restaurant of authentic Italian cuisine!

Limoncino is famous for Italian cuisine, traditional dishes are cooked according to the home recipes without any over-complication, that is why they are so tasty and nourishing. More than twenty kinds of pizza are cooked in the wooden stove, using birch logs. According to the creative idea of the Limoncino founders, visitors may see the work of the cooks, who make pizza at the opened buffet directly in front of the visitors.

Home pasta is especially delicious, besides we recommend to taste grilled meat and fish. Desserts in Limoncino are self-made as in any other respected Italian restaurant. It is a must to enjoy traditional Italian drink Limoncino, which is served cooled.

Limoncino is a family restaurant, and we are sure that the children and their parents will highly estimate pizza acrobatics show and school of young pizzaiolo. Our cooks will help you to acquire the skills of pizza-making. And then small authors will enjoy self-made pizza together with the parents.

Limoncino has cozy interior, pleasant atmosphere, delicious cuisine, which is ideal for cheerful communication at the lunch or dinner, besides our restaurant is perfect for different celebrations.

• 20% discount for the menu on weekdays since 11.00 a.m. till 17.00 p.m.

• Cozy summer terrace with sofas (in warm seasons)

• Banqueting hall - up to 100 persons

• Fresh newspapers on weekdays

• Wi-Fi area


Open your own Limoncino restaurant!

If you want to open a restaurant of the same name, we invite you to collaborate! We will provide you: right to use our brand and working experience, concept of the restaurant, designer’s interior solution, gastronomic peculiarities of the cuisine, well-established reputation and status.

Limoncino Italian restaurant - is our most “grown-up” project, which exists for more than 7 years.

Among the other characteristic features of our restaurants, we should emphasize a wooden stove, which is located directly in the hall, and our visitor may see how pizzas and other dishes, cooked in the stove, are being prepared. Besides Limoncino offer home pasta, grilled fish and meat, delicious desserts.

Limoncino restaurant is meant for socially-active people with welfare above the average, who value their time and got used to the tasty meal. For our visitors we provide daytime discounts for business lunches, seasonal offers and we regularly renew our menu. Limoncino restaurant position itself as a family restaurant with high quality Italian cuisine. Besides in our restaurants you may enjoy pizza acrobatics show, and your children will be taught how to make pizza in the school of young pizzaiolo.

In warm season Limoncino offer you summer terrace with sofas, cosy cushions and yellow baldachins at the windows.

Limoncino restaurant has many regular visitors, whose love was gained due to the wonderful Italian cuisine at democratic prices, cozy atmosphere and high quality servicing, besides we are highly evaluated by restaurant critics and specific mass media.

Concerning the collaboration, please, contact us at, to the attention of Sergey Serenkov, General manager of Limoncino restaurant.


Profsoyuznaya 33

Telephone: 8 (499) 128 29 21


Working hours: 

11.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.