• 18July
    The most surprising summer mushrooms – chanterelles – surely play a major role in the new seasonal menu of Limonchino restaurant. They are perfectly combined both with meat, and with vegetables, perfectly supplement dishes of the European and Italian cuisine. Details
    Roast beef and chanterelles salad (999 rub) or carpaccio from beef with chanterelles and summer truffle (1099 rub) will become the excellent beginning of a lunch or dinner on a summer verandah of Limonchino. Further it is possible to start the most delicate chanterelles cream soup (599 rub). As traditional dishes we recommend classical combinations of chanterelles to onions (719 rub) or potatoes (499 rub). Admirers of Italian cuisine surely will like unusual pepper pizza пиментос and chanterelles (769 rub) and pappardelle with chanterelles (729 rub). And if you want something more refined, try a lasagna with chanterelles and summer truffle (949 rub) or cutting with chanterelles and black truffle (2299 rub). In conclusion of a summer lunch or a dinner indulge yourself with a coffee cup with a truffle dessert (499 rub) which literally melts in the mouth.
  • 11June
    We watch football in Limonchino! We look, we are ill, perfectly we spend time in the company of friends! In Limonchino – broadcast of all matches of World Cup 2018 on plasma screens. Details
    It is possible to settle down in the main hall or on a cozy summer verandah where it is always quiet and peaceful. Let will win a football game the strongest, and in Limonchino all win!
  • 10June
    The summer has come! And together with him – time of easy juicy dishes from seasonal products. Settle down more conveniently on a summer verandah of Limonchino restaurant and enjoy taste of dishes from the summer menu! Details
    The combination of a tuna, Kenyan haricot and artichoke, perhaps, will seem to you unusual, but "in the company" with leaves of fresh salad and company gas station they create remarkable harmonious taste (999 rub). It is worth tasting also chicken salad a grill, avocado and a sweet tomato (699 rub) – it the dish will perfectly load you with vitamins and energy. As ideal summer cold appetizer carpaccio from an artichoke with cheese of a gran is offered it is served (1199 rub). For certain it will be pleasant to fans of meat of the talyat from beef with mustard sauce (999 rub) also the veal in Milan complemented with ripe fragrant tomatoes salad (1699 rub). And fans of fish and seafood will be pleasantly surprised with unusual taste тирадито from a dolphin (699 rub) and crab cutlets in combination with a green asparagus (1199 rub). Pay attention to the interesting section of the summer menu in Limonchino – dishes to two persons. Conveniently, it is practical, is tasty and … it is romantic! Quite so – for two – orekyetta paste with seafood (1999 rub) is offered, to spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce (1499 rub) and three more original Italian dishes. As a dessert fruit and berries, for example a fragrant wild strawberry with vanilla ice cream (899 rub) and soft yogurt cream with cherry and an almond krambl (359 rub) are offered.

other news

  • Spaghetti and a penne without gluten – at the Italian restaurants il FORNO can enjoy taste of favourite dishes even if you on a diet.
    The il FORNO network cares for health of the guests and offers an excellent alternative to classical paste. For those who suffer from intolerance of gluten and those who are in the dietary fashion, bezglyutenovy paste is presented in the menu. She prepares on the basis of cornmeal, and on color, to taste and texture doesn't differ from wheat, classical from firm grades. The high-quality product with a certain marking – an emblem with the crossed-out cones or the inscription senza glutine – in il FORNO is delivered from Italy. Bezglyutenovy paste – spaghetti and a penalty fee – can order in different variations: with burrata in fresh tomatoes sauce and a basilica (1199 rub), with caviar of a bottarg, squids, Kenyan haricot and chili pepper (749 rub), with the Kamchatka crab and tiger shrimps in sauce on the basis of fish broth (1099 rub), to an arabyat – in tomato and vegetable sauce (619 rub) or to an arabyat with an octopus (1399 rub) and not only. Close
  • With arrival of fall гастропаб Craft Kitchen (il FORNO Group) has started new business lunches which range will change depending on a season.
    On weekdays from 12:00 till 16:00 in Craft Kitchen for lunch offer 2-3 dishes from three different sections and drink at choice: tea black, green or cranberry drink. Minimum price of a lunch – 400 rub. For example, for 150 rub it is possible to find easy fresh vegetables fitness salad with soy sprouts, pumpkin sunflower seeds and Asian sauce in the section of dishes, borsch with beef, chicken broth with quenelles, potatoes, mushrooms, truffle oil and sour cream dumplings, pumpkin honey and vanilla ice cream pie. For 250 rub have placed tomatoes salad with a basil in the section of dishes and also the crackling duck salad, soups – traditional German Linseneintopf from lentil with sausages and from a sorrel with chicken and egg plows, the chocolate fountain. As novelties spaghetti a bolognese and chicken thigh perform with rice and sauce of a curry here. From the third section where dishes for 350 rub are presented, it is possible to choose perch fillet on a grill with rice and spinach, quesadilla with chicken and sour cream, a squid on a grill with bulgury and sauce of a marinar or, for example, chicken cutlets with the baked potatoes and mushroom ragout. There is also a stake of ti-bonds from pork with the baked potatoes and stewed cabbage (+50 rub) both spaghetti with oyster mushrooms and truffle oil. And, of course, Craft Kitchen couldn't avoid beer. In this season at the order of any business lunch гастропаб offers a glass of the company lager of the same name (400 ml) for only 150 rub. Close
  • From August 20 to September 2 il FORNO restaurants participate in the new Moscow Season festival.
    For two weeks in the il FORNO menu there were participating dishes of a new festival of a timely gastronomy "Season" which is spent by creators of the Moscow gastronomic festival, Moscow Restaurant Week and the independent restaurant award "Bay leaf". August products became the main ingredients of first "Season": fresh vegetables, fruit, berries, mushrooms, young cheeses, fish and meat. Within the festival a brand chief of network Alexey Besedin has presented five new seasonal dishes at once. It is worth beginning with carpaccio from combs which is served with useful raspberry and sauce to a ponz (899 rub), or from summer juicy watermelon and camembert cheese salad (629 rub). On hot the chief will offer a halibut with zucchini and nut oil nuazt (1109 rub) and also paste to a kazarechcha with veal, raspberry and a sage (799 rub). For a dessert surely order sweet carpaccio from a fig with mascarpone and a filbert (709 rub). Close
  • Burger&Pizzetta on Big Nikitskaya 14/2, p. 7 will participate in the Season festival. Four dishes on the basis of seasonal products can be tried during the period from August 20 to September 2.
    This summer in the Moscow restaurants there will take place the new festival from creators of the Moscow gastronomic festival, Moscow Restaurant Week and the independent restaurant award "Bay leaf". First "Season" will be devoted to juicy watermelons and melons, fragrant apples and pears, spicy greens, vegetables, mushrooms, a game and all volume, than August is rich. Within two weeks seasonal dishes can be tried at Burger&Pizzetta restaurant on Big Nikitskaya. The cold tomato gazpacho with strachatelly and pepper халапеньо will open the festival offer (320 rub). Further recommend to order the cauliflower baked with мисо paste (300 rub) and pappardelle from vegetable marrows with shrimps, pesto sauce and feta cheese (440 rub). Fans of unusual combinations should pay attention to baked apple with hummus (300 rub). It is better to try festival dishes on a cozy verandah. So far weather allows. Close
  • Selfie, declaration of love, wish of good day – and all this on a coffee skin? The new trend on 3D - printing of qualitative images on a cappuccino or latte gains steam worldwide. And in Moscow, at il FORNO Group restaurants, you can become one of the first who will leave the message in a coffee cup or even in a glass with beer.
    Innovative 3D technologies - the press have already got on the territory of projects of il FORNO Group holding. At restaurants il FORNO, Burger&Pizzetta, Craft Kitchen, FORNETTO, 800C Contemporary Steak and Limonchino by means of Ripple Maker printers on a skin of a cappuccino or latte with ease can print a photo of your darling, a greeting card and even a picture of the famous artist. And 800C Contemporary Steak have gone to Craft Kitchen further away: here images apply also on Guinness beer. The cost of the press is only 50 rub. Take ridiculous selfies, print them on favourite drinks and you share impressions with your friends on social networks. Be in a trend with il FORNO Group restaurants! Close
  • Now the restaurant 800C Contemporary Steak is a story not only about meat, but also about breakfasts. And, with the widest choice of morning dishes in the city and with an inspiring view of Patriarchal ponds.
    Suggest to stock up with cheerfulness and energy per day here from 9:00 till 12:00 on weekdays and from 11:00 till 13:00 on days off. In the various menu of breakfasts the chief Sergey Balashov has considered all fashionable gastronomic trends. For example, it is possible to begin day in 800C of Contemporary Steak with porridge with superfoods. So, rice prepare on almond milk with fresh berries and seeds of a flax, and porridge from a kino – on coconut milk with a coco, pecan and honeycombs of honey (both 390 rub). By the way, the choice of milk depends only on your preferences. It is also possible to be supported before work or walk on the city as yogurts. They, as well as young cheeses, – own production. Add chia seeds to coconut yogurt, and crimson – flavor krambly and a generous portion of fresh berries (390 rub). For many egg – a breakfast basis. With this product are presented in the morning offer of a dish in all variations: fried eggs, an omelet, скрэмбл, plow eggs. Farmer soft-boiled eggs will load you with energy for the whole day. They are given on two, already cleaned, in a glass, with fresh greens at once. In Austria and Germany similar breakfasts use popularity, especially they will suit those who actively play sports and adhere to a proteinaceous diet. All dishes will be twice more tasty with additional company ingredients 800C Contemporary Steak: beef bacon (220 rub), black truffle (1 g / 250 rub) or parmesan (120 rub). A fine half will precisely estimate a mix of fresh berries (blueberry, bilberry, raspberry) in min.-dalno-peach milk. Sergey Balashov hasn't forgotten also about home-made cheesecakes, popular in Moscow, with sour cream, thin pancakes (in them wrap a strachatella and tomatoes) and airy croissants. With freshly squeezed juice or coffee – it is ideal. The chief promises to update regularly the menu of breakfasts, including in him interesting seasonal dishes. Close

Italian restaurant

Limoncino - restaurant of authentic Italian cuisine!

Limoncino is famous for Italian cuisine, traditional dishes are cooked according to the home recipes without any over-complication, that is why they are so tasty and nourishing. More than twenty kinds of pizza are cooked in the wooden stove, using birch logs. According to the creative idea of the Limoncino founders, visitors may see the work of the cooks, who make pizza at the opened buffet directly in front of the visitors.

Home pasta is especially delicious, besides we recommend to taste grilled meat and fish. Desserts in Limoncino are self-made as in any other respected Italian restaurant. It is a must to enjoy traditional Italian drink Limoncino, which is served cooled.

Limoncino is a family restaurant, and we are sure that the children and their parents will highly estimate pizza acrobatics show and school of young pizzaiolo. Our cooks will help you to acquire the skills of pizza-making. And then small authors will enjoy self-made pizza together with the parents.

Limoncino has cozy interior, pleasant atmosphere, delicious cuisine, which is ideal for cheerful communication at the lunch or dinner, besides our restaurant is perfect for different celebrations.

• 20% discount for the menu on weekdays since 11.00 a.m. till 17.00 p.m.

• Cozy summer terrace with sofas (in warm seasons)

• Banqueting hall - up to 100 persons

• Fresh newspapers on weekdays

• Wi-Fi area


Open your own Limoncino restaurant!

If you want to open a restaurant of the same name, we invite you to collaborate! We will provide you: right to use our brand and working experience, concept of the restaurant, designer’s interior solution, gastronomic peculiarities of the cuisine, well-established reputation and status.

Limoncino Italian restaurant - is our most “grown-up” project, which exists for more than 7 years.

Among the other characteristic features of our restaurants, we should emphasize a wooden stove, which is located directly in the hall, and our visitor may see how pizzas and other dishes, cooked in the stove, are being prepared. Besides Limoncino offer home pasta, grilled fish and meat, delicious desserts.

Limoncino restaurant is meant for socially-active people with welfare above the average, who value their time and got used to the tasty meal. For our visitors we provide daytime discounts for business lunches, seasonal offers and we regularly renew our menu. Limoncino restaurant position itself as a family restaurant with high quality Italian cuisine. Besides in our restaurants you may enjoy pizza acrobatics show, and your children will be taught how to make pizza in the school of young pizzaiolo.

In warm season Limoncino offer you summer terrace with sofas, cosy cushions and yellow baldachins at the windows.

Limoncino restaurant has many regular visitors, whose love was gained due to the wonderful Italian cuisine at democratic prices, cozy atmosphere and high quality servicing, besides we are highly evaluated by restaurant critics and specific mass media.

Concerning the collaboration, please, contact us at, to the attention of Sergey Serenkov, General manager of Limoncino restaurant.


Profsoyuznaya 33

Telephone: 8 (499) 128 29 21


Working hours: 

11.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.